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Middletown Keyless Entry

Dash Lock & Key offers a complete range of keyless entry systems to give you added convenience and safety. Our lock-system solutions provide peace and comfort while ensuring your premises stay secure. Whether you're looking to protect your business, home, or vehicle, we have you covered with quality service and top-tier products.

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Keyless Home Access

Smart. Safe. Secure.

Enjoy a safer, smarter home with Dash Lock & Key. Our keyless home entry systems provide a robust range of security options to give you complete peace and comfort. You and your whole family will be able to come and go as you please without the need for keys—all while keeping your interior secure. It's perfect for a harmonized security system that protects your front door, side entrances, and garage, giving you 360 degrees of security.

As a client of ours, you can expect:

  • Speedy service
  • Swift turnarounds
  • Competitive rates
  • Licensed and insured locksmiths
  • Personalized solutions
  • Complete satisfaction guarantee

Protect Your Business with a Keyless Entry System

Businesses can depend on us for all their security needs, including keyless entry systems. We offer a complete range of commercial systems designed for maximum protection and enhanced security protocols. Fully programmable and modifiable, our systems give you total control over who can come and go at whatever time you prefer. Whether you need to grant special access to management, staff, or stakeholders, our keyless entry systems are a surefire solution.

Consult with the expert locksmiths at Dash Lock & Key to decide which lock system is right for your home or business in Newburgh. We provide high quality, premium keyless entry systems that are easily customized according to your commercial or residential security needs. Our team is committed to providing a personalized service tailored to each client's needs. Get in touch, and we'll lay out your options so you know what's right for you and your property.

Keyless Entry Code Systems

Built around your business or personal schedule, an access code within our keyless entry system can be activated or disabled at any time according to requirements and according to the activities of any home or establishment. Each of your access codes is catalogued in a centralized system and available for your analysis at any time. Ensure the security of your property without risk or hassles.

State-of-the-Art Entry Systems

Why choose Dash Lock & Key for a keyless entry system? We offer the cutting edge in smart security solutions. Our state-of-the-art keyless entry systems provide the ultimate in personalized control to give you the freedom to choose who comes and goes and what doors they can access. What’s more, our years of experience and professional expertise ensure every job goes smoothly, installing your system fast and with flawless results.

Dash Lock & Key keyless entry systems offer

  • Convenience Simply enter your code and scan your card. Give a neighbor, relative or friend access to your property while you are away with a special temporary code and delete or change it when you return. The security options are limitless. With one of our keyless entry systems, you have full control over everything—from when people can access to how they do it.
  • Foolproof security How many times have you locked yourself out of your home or office? With a keyless system, you’ll never have to worry about such issues again. Our systems offer a range of entry options—including passwords, codes, and forensic information—to give you 24/7 access as you wish. Ask about Dash Lock & Key keyless entry systems for your car or truck for even great security and convenience!
  • Protection Anyone can make a copy of your keys within minutes. But with a keyless system, you maintain total control over who comes and goes. Their modifiable access options allow for greater protection and enhanced security, giving you just what you need to sleep sound at night. Ensure that any unauthorized access to your home or business is never a concern again.
  • Tracking service Best of all, a keyless entry systems gives you access at any time to the activities on your property in Middletown through a convenient centralized code monitoring system.
  • The security of a deadbolt system without the hassle of managing multiple keys
  • Easy access code programming
  • Quick code removal and add on
  • No more worry over lost or stolen keys
  • Never get locked out again

Dash Lock & Key security specialists can provide a keyless entry system installation within minutes. Add, delete or change user codes in a matter of seconds.

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