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We’re here for all your home, business, and automotive lock, key, and security needs.

An Emergency Locksmith For Monroe, NY

No one plans on needing a locksmith. But life comes at us in ways we don’t foresee and you might need the help of a 24-hour locksmith. Think of us as an emergency service you call when you’re in need like tow trucks, hospitals, or the police. When you need the help, you don’t want to wait until tomorrow. You need it now! So even if you don’t really want to call a locksmith, when you do need the service we’re happy to be there for you. It’s okay, we don’t take it personally, we’re just glad to assist you with your automotive, commercial, or residential locksmith needs.

Our official Dash Lock & Key van providing 24-hour locksmith services near you.

Our official Dash Lock & Key van provides 24-hour emergency locksmith services. You have probably seen us around town as we help people with their lockout situations.

Why You Should Choose Dash Lock & Key

So when should you call Dash Lock & Key here in Monroe, NY? The answer is well, whenever you need a locksmith because you won’t find anyone better. We have been offering our emergency locksmith services, car key replacement, lock rekeying, camera system installation, and a slew of other services for the past 30 years. We know the needs of our customers because we’ve grown as a company right alongside them. Technology may have changed a lot over these past 30 years, but our expert and mechanically minded crew have adapted to it.

Dash Lock & Key Has Adapted With Technology

30 years ago many people (ourselves included), would have laughed off the idea of smart lock installation or key fobs. But now, we regularly make copies of smart keys and install touchless access control systems. This ability to grow and adapt proves our company is ready to handle everything, and we do it with the same honesty and integrity we’ve always offered our clients. Most of the time people are panicked, frustrated, or frazzled when they call us. So by offering them calm, reliable customer service with a shoulder to lean on, we’ve created relationships with our client’s that other locksmiths don’t. Being locked out is never fun. So if you choose Dash Lock & Key to be your locksmith in Monroe, NY, we’ll try to make your situation a little better.

Top Automotive Locksmith Services You Can Trust

We provide a lot of emergency locksmith services, but one of the most popular calls we field are from people who are locked out of their car or have damaged keys. Some of the automotive locksmith services we provide include car key replacement, car key programming, and 24-hour lockout solutions. Depending on the situation, we can even make key copies while on the job so next time you will have a duplicate around. We can tackle any situation for you, whether it deals with standard keys, smart keys, or key fobs.

Your Home Needs the Best Residential Locksmith

Your car isn’t the only place you can lock yourself out of. It’s easier than you think to walk out of the home, hear the door close, and realize you left your keys inside. It’s such a sickening feeling! Lucky for you, we’re the nearest locksmith in Monroe, NY, and can get you back in your home. We also offer lock rekeying and lock repair depending on the issue you have with your home. Let us install some new, high-quality locks so you can rest with peace of mind.

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