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different types of access control systems: key card/fob/tag scanners (top), fingerprint readers (middle), Facial recognition (bottom).

We can help you design the perfect access control system for your business or government facility using different technologies including key card/fob/tag scanners (top), fingerprint readers (middle), and facial recognition (bottom).

Dash Lock & Key may be a notable Middeltown, NY locksmith, but we are also a high-quality and trusted access control installation company. We provide commercial and industrial facilities with electronic security options designed to help a business protect everything from a supply closet to a manager’s office to an entire complex. We offer installation, maintenance, and complete access control system integration and installation to our clients.

From a single control board, our electronic security systems enable enhanced security to any room or location and provide many other benefits that include:

  • Keyless entry and exit with convenient swipe cards, fobs, or tags
  • Easy user removal and addition of users from your computer, laptop, or mobile phone
  • Track users in any monitored area
  • Monitoring the arrival and departure time of all employees and visitors
  • Track the absenteeism and break durations of your employees
  • Improve productivity levels
  • Services for specialized programming
  • Adaptable and flexible electronic access control systems that are customized according to requirements

From Single Door to Complex Access Control Systems

Every company has different needs, so that means they also need different types of access control systems. We work with a host of manufacturers that provide high-quality equipment to ensure that our access control installation provides you with the high level of security you are after. Some companies are happy with electronic door locks that replace keys for employees, while other companies are looking for more sophisticated security systems that include proximity readers, fingerprint locks, electric strikes, and CCTV Video IP surveillance integrated into them. Regardless of what you need, Dash Lock & Key is capable of providing the best integration and installation services.

Variety of Keyless Entry Systems & Electronic Security

Commercial and industrial companies do not want to deal with passing out keys to employees and then face rekeying entryways when they get lost or replaced. Employees also come and go which makes a keyed entry system even more impractical, but keyless entry systems that are integrated into electronic security access control systems eliminate that issue completely. We offer many different keyless entry systems including push-button access systems, fingerprint access systems, buzzer entry systems, video doorbells, and/or keypad locks. We are always happy to demonstrate how any of the options work so that you can make the right choice for your business. Whether you need to secure a breakroom, factory, or office we have a solution designed to fit your needs.

Biometric Access Control For Private, Commercial, and Government Institutions

Biometric control systems implement various security factors used for recognition including, fingerprints, voice recognition, and retinal scanning, that track the access and movement of individuals at any facility. Such systems are often required by large commercial enterprises to record employee activities and to prevent theft and fraud. Since a biometric trait is unique to each individual, a BAC system is foolproof and ensures maximum security.

Dash Lock & Key is licensed to provide and maintain various types of BAC systems for use in private enterprises, government buildings, or any other establishment that requires the highest level of security measures in Middletown and the surrounding region.

BAC systems can be adapted to almost any facility or requirement and our team of experts can customize any of the following to suit your needs:

  • Biometric sensors and detectors
  • Fingerprint readers
  • Facial recognition
  • Iris recognition
  • Hand readers and finger scanners
  • Multimodal Biometrics
  • Voice and Speech recognition
  • Keyless entry biometric doors with multi-application detection technology

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Dash Lock & Key has been in the locksmith business for the past 30 years which means that we have watched access control systems evolve and adapt over several decades. We were here for the very start of the digital age and have adapted right align with the current age of smart devices and touchless access control. Of course, one side effect of that evolution has been an increase in pricing. We know that businesses all have different needs and budgets, which is why we provide affordable options for all of our customers. One of the reasons we are still around is because of our excellent reputation in Middletown, NY.

We are known for our honesty and our integrity. We pride ourselves on our upfront pricing for all access control systems so that you are never caught off-guard following an installation. We keep it simple, so you can keep your business safe.

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